(1988) lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands

The works of Felipe van Laar present themselves as large, architectonic gestures in otherwise mute landscapes. Piercing lines and serene surfaces mark their simplicity; elements of wood, concrete and paint combine into wordless structures. Their composition seems to be unfinished, always in the process of making and remaking — as if imitating nature and life. Yet the works are, here and now. Hesitating but firm, brute, soothing. Ultimately, they seem to do nothing but to be, affirming and questioning existence in a single, all-embracing movement.
-Tobias Servaas

2019    Hongerige Wolf Festival, Hongerige Wolf
2019    Solo exhibition at Moira, Utrecht
2019    Solo exhibition at VHDG, Leeuwarden (23feb-16mar)

2018    ‘Work In Progress’ at LAB Kalkhorst, Germany
2018    Galerie Waarkunst, ‘t Waar, Groningen
2018    Hongerige Wolf Festival, Hongerige Wolf
2018    FestiValderaa, Schipborg, Drenthe
2018    Ontwerpsalon, Vechtclub XL, Utrecht
2017    Onder je Voeten-Boven de Wolken, Cemetery Kovelswade, Utrecht
2017    Grasnapolsky Festival, Radio Kootwijk
2016    Hongerige Wolf Festival, Hongerige Wolf
2016    Grasnapolsky Festival, Radio Kootwijk
2015    Wall sculpture, EKKO, Utrecht
2015    Protocol, Theater Kikker, Utrecht
2015    Art Basement, Vera, Groningen
2015    Over Het IJ Theaterfestival, Amsterdam

2019    5wks at VHDG, Leeuwarden
2018    4wks at LAB Kalkhorst, Germany

2006-2011 Bachelor in Architecture, HU Utrecht