(1988) lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands 

Felipe studied architecture and turned to the visual arts shortly after his graduation. With architecture as his background, he creates large spatial installations and sculptures. A focus on the fragile side of architecture is at the heart of his practice.

His inspiration comes from buildings in which the turning point between materiality and meaning is made tactile: buildings under construction or in decline, a half-finished structure or the back of a façade. Felipe is fascinated by the precise moments at which sacredness appears in architectural form. His works present themselves often as indefinite and unfinished, as snapshots of this search towards something higher, captured in time.
2021    Art assignment hiking route Vresselse Bos, Brabant
2021    Art assignment market square St. Oedenrode 
2021    Oerol, Terschelling
2021    OCTA, Kunstliefde, Utrecht (group)
2021    Galerie Logman, Utrecht (group)

2020   OCTA, Maakhaven, Den Haag (group)
2020   UtrechtDownUnder, Utrecht (group)
2020   Nieuwe Aarde, Westerkerk, Amsterdam (group)
2020   ACEC, Apeldoorn (group)
2020   EXbunker, Utrecht (solo)
2019    Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden (group)
2019    Big Art, Hembrugterrein Zaanstad, with Galerie Logman (group)
2019    Centraal Laat, Whatchamacallit, Centraal Museum, Utrecht (group)
2019    Cinetol / Tolbar, Amsterdam (group)
2019    Kunstschouw, Zeeland (group)
2019    Moira, ‘Wall’, Utrecht (solo)
2019    VHDG ‘Exploded View’, Leeuwarden (solo)
2018    LAB Kalkhorst, ‘In Progress’, Germany
2018    Galerie Waarkunst, ‘t Waar, Groningen
2018    Hongerige Wolf Festival, Hongerige Wolf (group)
2018    FestiValderaa, Schipborg, Drenthe (group)
2017    Grasnapolsky Festival, Radio Kootwijk

2019    Masterclass Gallery Pouloeuff, Naarden
2019    VoorheenDeGemeente, Leeuwarden
2018    LAB Kalkhorst, Germany

2020    Stipendium Emerging Artists, Mondriaan Fund
2020    Amarte Fund, Amsterdam

2020    Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender, Trichis
2019    BK-informatie nr. 4
2019    Leeuwarder Courant 

2006-2011 Bachelor in Architecture, HU Utrecht